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The unique tangle free design of TecTies Type 3 Basic Tie offers a practical and cost effective solution for masonry cavity walls in domestic houses and small commercial buildings of up to a maximum 15m in height.

Fully tested to BS EN 846-5: 2012. The ties meet the requirements of BS EN 845-1: 2013. They will also meet the requirements of Part E of the BuildingRegulations for Type B in external walls.

All TecTies cavity wall ties are independently tested at Lucideon, a notified body number 1289, to comply with BS EN 845-1:2013. Underwritten by TZUS – Prague Notified Body Number 1020

Design Advantages
  • Tangle Free - saves time and money 

  • Supplied in bundles - practical benefits for the bricklayer 

  • Safety on site 

  • No Boxes - minimal packaging waste 

  • Better storage particularly during inclement weather 

Part E Building Regulations 

TT3 Ties meet the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations for a Type B tie in party walls which states that a masonry cavity wall tie can only be used if the measured dynamic stiffness is less than 4.8MN/m3.

TT3 is a Registered Design. UK Reg. Design No. 3013341

TT3 Test Results

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